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Frequently Asked Questions

AutoPay is a service needed to ensure that your investments are automatic and hassle-free. You just need to enter your UPI ID and approve the AutoPay request to proceed.
You can begin investing through Filit with only ₹1. What's even better is that you can make lump-sum investments, with as little as ₹100.
To complete the set up, you need to do the following:

1) Instant KYC Verification : Enter your name,number, and PAN to verify your identity and secure your money.

2)Automate your investments: Enter your UPI ID and approve the AutoPay request.
Let's understand how Fillups work through an example.

Assume you buy groceries for ₹64 using UPI. You'll receive an SMS, stating that 64 has been debited from your account.

Filit reads that message and automatically rounds off the number to the next multiple of 10, i.e. 70.

The difference between the 2 numbers (70-64) gives the round-up value, which is directly invested into Mutual Funds.

Similarly,when you make a transaction of ₹230 ,we will round It up to ₹240, and invest ₹10.
There is no lock-in period on your investments with Filit.

Here, you have complete control over your investments and can withdraw money anytime you wish.
Absolutely not!
Your data is required by SEBI and RBI for security purposes.

It is not shared anywhere else.
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